• Alpha-class Star Wing Expansion Pack
    Alpha-class Star Wing Expansion Pack

    The first widely deployed Imperial starfighter to boast shields and a hyperdrive, the Alpha-class Star Wing had limited maneuverability, but was heavily armed for its size. The fighter remains impressively durable and destructive…

    € 13,95
  • M12-L Kimogila Fighter Expansion Pack
    M12-L Kimogila Fighter Expansion Pack

    Produced by MandalMotors and flown by enforcers of the Hutt kajidics and other criminal cartels, the M12-L Kimogila fighter was dreaded by spacers across the Outer Rim for its ordnance capacity and the withering torrents of…

    € 18,95
  • Phantom II Expansion Pack
    Phantom II Expansion Pack

    The Phantom II is a Sheathipede-class transport shuttle that the Spectres recovered from a Clone Wars-era military base and modified with weapons and a custom docking system. It makes its X-Wing™ debut in the Phantom II…

    € 13,95


T-70 X-wing Expansion Pack € 13,95 € 10,00
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