• Hero Box
    Hero Box

    HERO BOX 1The zombie onslaught left only a few of us to get revenge: our former lives were shattered, and we had to look past our differences to find strength in numbers. Zombies may all look the same, but heroes come in all sizes…

    € 25,95
  • Notorious Plagued Characters
    Notorious Plagued Characters

    NOTORIOUS PLAGUED CHARACTERS 1Standing out among the crowd can be a source of great pride, but also of prejudice. That’s why most of us used to bow our head and stick with the flock: being interesting is no good in these dark…

    € 25,95
  • Notorious Plagued Characters 2
    Notorious Plagued Characters 2

    NOTORIOUS PLAGUED CHARACTERS 2Some people sincerely believed they belonged to a superior species simply because they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Knowledge, money, raw strength… Blue blood, we used to say. I am…

    € 25,95
  • Deadeye Walkers
    Deadeye Walkers

    DEADEYE WALKERSThe zombie plague strips the infected of everything but their deepest habits, replacing everything else with the urge to kill. The necromancers are obviously trying to turn this to their advantage: playing with…

    € 25,95
  • Abomination Pack
    Abomination Pack

    ABOMINATION PACKThe zombie plague reached the far corners of the world, up to the remote places the monsters of old used to hide from human eyes. And then these nightmares are back, turned into war machines of infected omen. You…

    € 29,95
  • Murder of Crowz
    Murder of Crowz

    MURDER OF CROWS BLACK PLAGUEWe used to live along with crows, the smartest scavengers you can find in cities and wild alike. Some among us even considered them as useful, in a way, but never told it loud enough for the priests to…

    € 25,95
  • Black Plague Games Tiles
    Black Plague Games Tiles

    BLACK PLAGUE GAMES TILES11 tiles from Black Plague and Wulfsburg and 1 punchboard!

    € 29,95
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