• Ultimate Survivors #1
    Ultimate Survivors #1

    The world evolved, and so did we. We learned in a couple months what a soldier might need years to learn. The lives we had, the people we were, are all gone, and we have accepted that. We are survivors, and we are here to bring…

    € 29,95
  • Ultimate Survivors #2
    Ultimate Survivors #2

    There are four kinds of people in our zombie world. Those who fled stupidly, and became zombies. Those who fled with a brain, and kept it a little longer. Those who fought zombies, and became survivors. And then come the ultimate…

    € 29,95
  • VIP #1
    VIP #1

    VERY INFECTED PEOPLE #1Sometimes, survivors spot a weirdo in the endless flow of shambling zombies. This creature may remind them of someone they used to know, wear a particular uniform, or be a former celebrity. These special…

    € 29,95
  • VIP #2
    VIP #2

    VERY INFECTED PEOPLE #2We usually see zombies as a faceless army of individuals turned into killer puppets. Some of them, though, are still individuals after a fashion. They wear a costume or uniform, were celebrities, or simply…

    € 29,95
  • Walk of the Dead
    Walk of the Dead

    WALK OF THE DEADZombie reinforcements! This box contains additional zombies for the Zombicide board game: Fatties, Runners, and Walkers to invade your boards and overwhelm survivors. Or you could think of them as more experience…

    € 24,95
  • Walk of the Dead 2
    Walk of the Dead 2

    WALK OF THE DEAD 2Want to play on bigger boards or tired of the mere trickle of zombies? Looking to step up your Zombicide experience? Then this box is for you! It’s packed with additional Fatties, Runners, and Walkers to bring…

    € 29,95
  • Team Building Deck
    Team Building Deck

    TEAM BUILDING DECKYou don’t know which Survivors you’ll play with on your next Zombicide session? You need to rescue a mysterious friend surrounded by zombies? Get random! The Team Building Deck is the perfect accessory to…

    € 14,95
  • Murder of Crows
    Murder of Crows

    MURDER OF CROWZBeing scavengers, crows ate things they should have avoided and turned infected too, like zombies. These murders of crows are really nasty small flying pests, so small they can enter everywhere, so fast they’re on…

    € 24,95
  • Lost Zombivors
    Lost Zombivors

    LOST ZOMBIVORSWhen a true zombie hunter dies, he comes back as a Zombivor, a zombie hero, and keeps on fighting! Even death and infection can’t turn a hero into a monster. Madness, however, can. Cut off from human feelings for…

    € 29,95
  • Dog Companions
    Dog Companions

    DOG COMPANIONSSome survivors run on all fours. Dog companions can fight alongside you, cross the block to lend some help, distract zombies, and reach inaccessible areas in no time.This box contains three Dog Companions to play…

    € 24,95
  • Zombi Dogz
    Zombi Dogz

    ZOMBIE DOGZEver wonder where all the dogs went? Well, now you know the answer. Eating infected cadavers turned them into the most feral zombies imaginable. They roam the streets in wild packs and can easily run down any prey.This…

    € 25,95
  • Angry Zombies
    Angry Zombies

    ANGRY ZOMBIESThey go for the throat! Berserker zombies won’t go down to anything as petty as a bullet. You’ve got to take out their heads, preferably with something heavy. This box contains additional berserker zombies for the…

    € 25,95
  • Toxic Crowd
    Toxic Crowd

    TOXIC CROWDThe toxic plague spreads! This box contains additional toxic zombies for the Zombicideboard game: Toxic Fatties, Toxic Runners, and Toxic Walkers to roam the city mall’s alleys and shops. The threat is growing,…

    € 25,95
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