• Hound's Tooth Expansion Pack
    Hound's Tooth Expansion Pack

    A modified YV-666 light freighter, Hound’s Tooth was the signature vessel of one of the galaxy’s most notorious bounty hunters and slavers, the fearsome Trandoshan Bossk.

    The Hound’s Tooth Expansion Pack brings this…

    € 34,95
  • Kihraxz Fighter Expansion Pack
    Kihraxz Fighter Expansion Pack

    Modeled after Incom’s popular X-wing starfighter, the versatile Kihraxz was developed specifically for the Black Sun crime syndicate, whose highly paid ace pilots demanded a nimble, powerful ship to match their skills. It…

    € 13,95
  • -42%

    K-wing Expansion Pack
    K-wing Expansion Pack

    A heavily armed bomber that could double as an escort or reconnaissance vessel, the Rebellion’s K-wing was frequently flown on strafing runs against planetary targets and slow-moving capital ships. In X-Wing the K-wing’s…

    € 18,95 € 11,00
  • TIE Punisher Expansion Pack
    TIE Punisher Expansion Pack

    A beefier version of the TIE bomber, the TIE punisher built upon that starfighter’s success by adding shielding, a second bomb chute, and three additional ordnance pods, each equipped with a twin ion engine. It arrives to…

    € 18,95
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